Lil Wayne Declared Himself The “Best Rapper Alive” On “Tha Carter II”

Lil Wayne Declared Himself The “Best Rapper Alive” On “Tha Carter II”

Lil Wayne Declared Himself The "Best Rapper Alive" On "Tha Carter II"

Gotta give this week’s #TBT to the GOAT.

Tonight, Lil Wayne’s long-awaited Tha Carter V will finally drop after years of anticipation. The rapper initially announced that the project would be released in 2013, but clearly, that never happened and his contract with Cash Money prevented him from releasing the project. For a while, it felt like it would never end up coming out, but here we are, five years later and Wayne is finally getting ready to release the fifth installment in Tha Carter series. To honor the release of the project, it only felt right to dedicate this week’s #TBT to a cut from arguably one of the best Lil Wayne studio albums in his catalog.With the GOAT releasing his new album later today, we brought it back to 2005 when Lil Wayne declared himself the “Best Rapper Alive” on Tha Carter II. The track had Lil Wayne going off over Bigg D’s production and came just before Wayne reign as the mixtape champ in the mid-2000’s. The electrifying guitar progression and showcased his ability as a lyricist to the fullest.

Quotable Lyrics
You can’t see me, baby boy, you got that cataracts
I’m right here, straight out the hood just like an alley cat
Since everyone’s a king, well where the fuck your palace at?
Me, I got callus on my hands, I can handle that

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