Lil Duke & Offset Do What They Do Best In “Double” Video

Lil Duke & Offset Do What They Do Best In “Double” Video

Good timing, Duke.

Lil Duke has made a cunning move, releasing the video for last year’s “Double,” featuring Offset, a day after the Migo got arrested and then released on bail. A YouTube commenter expressed his awareness of Duke’s awareness by saying, “he home already y’all dummies.”

The video itself is pretty standard. Duke and Offset rap and hold money in front of a couple women; every once and a while some smokey effects glide across the screen. But, the formula is a formula for a reason and it’s nice to see a video that puts the rappers at its centre, and let’s them do their thing. Especially amid all the news about Offset, it’s refreshing to be reminded why we care about him, among conflicting reports of him having a gun, or not, his lawyer claiming he was racially profiled, Cardi B announcing that he’s not on probation, etc. It’s nice to get back to the music.


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