Lil B Flips A Destiny’s Child Classic For New “F**k A B**ch” Based Freestyle

Lil B Flips A Destiny’s Child Classic For New “F**k A B**ch” Based Freestyle

Lil B Flips A Destiny's Child Classic For New "F**k A B**ch" Based Freestyle

Based God blessed us with two new songs including “Fuck A Bitch” freestyle.

Lil B made a very important announcement this weekend when he revealed that Based Freestyles are returning this year. For those who remember, Lil B used to bless us at random moments with Based Freestyles. Although it’s been a minute since one of those dropped, he came through with two new tracks over the weekend. Lil B took on Drake’s “In My Feelings” for his “Keke Do You Love Me” freestyle. In addition, he also took on a Destiny’s Child classic for his “Fuck A Bitch” based freestyle.Lil B comes through with a freestyle over Destiny’s Child “Bills, Bills, Bills” on his track, “Fuck A Bitch.” The rapper released this song at the same time as he released his “Keke Do You Love Me” track over Drake’s “In My Feelings.” Lil B’s new “Fuck A Bitch” freestyle contains shout outs to both Lil Wayne and Lil Yachty. Wayne and Lil B have collaborated in the past and Lil Yachty’s cited Lil B as one of his influences in the past.

Check out Lil B’s new track and keep your eyes peeled for more new music from the Based God.

Quotable Lyrics
All you n*ggas like these bitches
You n*ggas resemble these bitches
You n*ggas be acting like bitches
I know why y’all some bitches

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